The program required by Purdue University Counseling and Psychological Services will cost the resident a fee of up to $260. The student was placed on “Probated Suspension” for one year, required to take an on-line ethics short course, and sign an ethics recommitment statement. You should consider if online learning is right for you, and speak with your advisor if ... suspension, probated suspension, disciplinary probation, and/or educational sanctions. heating, plagiarism, or knowingly furnishing false information to … A student placed on disciplinary probation or probated suspension, as part of that probation, may be required to resign from an office in a student organization, refrain from seeking such an office or discontinue participation in a special activity. suspension, probated suspension, disciplinary probation, and/or educational sanctions. The students were all given an “F” grade for the semester and reported to the Office of the Dean of Students (ODOS). Required behaviors in this class include: staying home and contacting the Protect Purdue Health Center (496-INFO) if you feel ill or know you Probated suspension means conditional continuation of student status for a limited and defined period of time. This is a fully online course, which can be taken remotely, as long as you have the required resources. the Protect Purdue Pledge, is campus policy and as such all members of the Purdue community must comply with the required health and safety guidelines. If, during the period of probated suspension, the student is found guilty of an additional violation of Section Ill-B-2 after a hearing, suspension may become immediately effective and may be extended for a longer period of time than the period of probated suspension originally assigned. There are four levels of disciplinary penalties for students found guilty of violations: probation, probated suspension, suspension and expulsion. Purdue University Northwest acknowledges its legal obligation to conduct a biennial review of compliance with the DrugFree Schools and Communities Act and authorized an administrative review to be conducted to determine if the college fulfills the requirements of the previously mentioned Federal regulations. Exceptions to the minimum consequences: Any violation on an exam will result in a failing grade for the course and a Dean of Students referral. Administrative Conduct Conference Community Standards Board Conduct Conference Click this link if your notice of charges states, "If responsibility for a rule violation is determined, any combination of sanctions defined in the Student Regulations, up to and including probated suspension, may be given. Referral to an alcohol education program. In addition, such misconduct will result in punitive grading such as: ... Purdue prohibits “dishonesty in connection with any University activity. In the Purdue Memorial Union and Stewart Center, the scheduling office in the Union. I am a Senior that is graduating in May, and since I only have 1 semester left until graduation I really need to do everything in my power to avoid suspension or expulsion. suspension is in effect. Penalties for being found in violation from the Office of the Dean of Students will typically range from disciplinary probation, to probated suspension, to dismissal from the University. The Purdue Student Code of Conduct governs CSB hearings. The possible range of penalties are probated suspension (basically disciplinary probation) to expulsion. Other educationally based actions; Termination of the housing contract and/or ineligibility for contract renewal; University probated suspension, expulsion During the panel hearing, you will be subjected to questioning.

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