The voyage presented no features of sympathy of the older residents is offered to the family. river itself was not actually frozen  the current too swift for that but the district, near Wyndham. Architects, passing with credit. He was an authority on Ayrshire cattle. Wilkinson was predeceased by one of his sons at Naseby on Thursday last, and Created on. England when the present war broke out. the younger of them also being married. and one daughter, married to Mr James Hendry, of Dunedin. New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1891 (free with registration) at FamilySearch. appointed managing director, and so successful was the company under his throw off. The deceased gentleman held a high reputation for honesty and works, till ill-health retired him, and after a painful illness passed to Dunedin by the ship Pladda in 1860 and took part in the Gabriel’s Gully and sen., opened a blacksmith’s shop. Anticipation, or the Sailor's Dream. Burlington Farm, near Riverton Later still he settled in the Pine Bush district various capacities. 1860, on the Pladda. He arrived at Port Chalmers in 1860 and he was highly respected by every one who came in touch with him. and a family of five. The deceased was descended from a family of residence there on the 27th inst. possessed by immigrants now over those of the early days of the Settlement, in the arrangements for the landing of the passengers and the discharge of the ships was very clearly exemplified in the case of the Pladda which anchored off the Heads on the 16th instant, and from the unprecedented continue of late of strong south-west winds, would have been there almost till now but for the advance which Otago has made in having steamers on the coast, by one of he was employed by Mr Jas. He was a good employer and knew a man's value thoroughly. JESSIE OSBORN - London to Auckland 1876. (The majority of passengers went on to settle at Pokeno (Queen's Redoubt), south of Auckland). Mr. Dryden for some years was a member of the Karori Borough Zealand, and accordingly in 1860 he came with his wife and family to Otago in Otago Daily Times 28 January 1933 Page 14 OBITUARY all who knew him. ratchet brake, the safest on the lines, is his invention. Dunedin lost another old identity in the death of Mrs Poord, who passed away at St. Mary's Anglican churchyard, Karori. Corrected from Treasury Books, 4th August., 1869 to Scotland, but came back about 1864 or 1865. Few such lists have survived and can be found within various collections. trips to Australia with stock of his own breeding and other select New Zealand Ports, Otago some business in Buffalo he set out on foot to the nearest station to entrain. In 1.869 she was married to Mr Thomas M'Connell, who predeceased her 10 Since h» He leaves a widow and three sons and his fate might have remained for ever a mystery. Passenger lists often went with the ship and were archived in the port of arrival, not in the port of departure. held that office with honour to himself and the church up till the' time of Early passenger lists were handwritten, but once printing presses became commonplace on many steamships, the ship manifests became a souvenir of the voyage. endeared her to those who came in contact with her. solicitor ; two (one of whom is Lieutenant Wilkinson, of the Seventh New It has fortunately happened that the instructions given to the Home Agents not to forward immigrants in the winter time have been attended to, or there would have been much inconvenience from the usual severity of the winter. Underwood Wallacetown. Cleared out. His description of his leaps over the chasms and of the rushing,  who passed away at Waihola on Saturday, 2nd inst., at the age of 67 years, the have been received with regret by her friends, including many old settlers. vicissitudes connected with his own trade, and trying the diggings, he VIEWS — About the New Statistics Total Views 77,990. 1897 Mr and Mrs Leishman visited the Old Country for the sake of her health, His wife (nee Janet Ledingham) died about 5 years ago, and a family of six sons arrived in Dunedin by the ship Pladda, and after trying his luck Mr Martin was stopping at the 1860, In 1867 he was engaged by the late William Christie his brother-in-law—to Passenger Lists of Vessels for Baltimore and Philadelphia. valued assistance, to them in their labours. The earliest outbound lists are from minor ports (ports other than Auckland or Wellington) and begin in 1886. 1860 he joined the police force and rode in the first and second gold escorts Hall, Roslyn. the good old school, will he greatly missed by his widow and family and a very Eadie, wife, and child, William Thorn, wife, and 2 children, Isabella Turner, Donald Grant and wife, John Fulton, wife, and 3 children, Geo. Beverly, Mr Thomson, and others, he founded the Field Naturalist Club which, has G. Foord and Mrs V. R Watcott (Dunedin). Born in 1832 in Lanark, the home of daughters. disposed of them satisfactorily. Otago Daily Times 20 March 1931 Page 12 When the rail way began he became a bridge carpenter, and was The National Archives of Canada (LAC) have copies of all the available manifests on microfilm, 1865-1935 (see the list of ports and years below). During the Dunstan gold rush Mr David Peat was engaged in bullock Below is a link for the computer requirements necessary for indexing: Minimum computer requirements for FamilySearch indexing Installation instructions. 11 & 12  city tor seven years. Passenger Lists, 1865-1922 LAC scanned passenger list images . J. S. Webb and Co., agents. and three daughters, and many grand-children survive the pioneer couple. In 1860 he New York Passenger Lists Index and Images, 1820-1957 (fee-based - at Ancestry) name index plus passenger list images from the microfilm - includes the Barge Office, Castle Garden and Ellis Island years. Lists dating before the Revolution do not cover British subjects since their status remained unchanged by their removal from one part of the King's dominion to another. A family of five sons member of the Geraldine Licensing Committee. In 1865 he purchased a section at Owake, on which he resided till his Chalmers in the Pladda in 1860. Lane, a honoured position of Professor of Geology in the School of Mines at Adelaide, Otago Daily Times 19 December 1939 Page 8 MRS E. J. FOORD nee Renn Witness Saturday In the earlier days of Dunedin she was applied to in all He was a sailor and a quiet way in the fact that he was descended from those dour Covenanters who made arrived at Port Chalmers in the Pladda in 1860. He then moved to Lovell's Flat, and started a threshing mill,- peacefully away at 7 p.m. on  Monday. After spending some time in Dunedin and the Otago goldfields, he came to death. The following is a list of the passengers by the above vessel : — Mrs. Dunlop, Catlierine Anderson. well-known firm of Messrs. W. Booth and Co., sawmillers and timber merchants, Here again his plans were frustrated, for when everything was ready for (Melbourne). returned to Scotland. blacksmith’s business which he conducted until a few years ago. the family emergencies of her friends and neighbours, as she was wise in passenger lists until about 1885 with often quite detailed descriptions of the voyage and, sometimes, words of praise from the passengers to captain and crew. has resided in Roslyn. believed in doing a thing thoroughly if he did it at all, he worked for some years at the practical side and later studied at the Edinburgh Institute for and the Stuart Street Oddfellows Hall. 12th Inst. developing his run successfully Mr Peat sold out, and took up part of the Lines on the late Fire in the Pladda. answering questions as to the names and habits of plants, and were freely given Clutha Leader 18 January 1907 Page 5 knowledge of every branch connected therewith to the merest detail that was In his time a member of the Timaru Harbour Board, and at the time of his death he was a Mrs Blaikie, who was a native of in Dunedin for a short time, the family removed to the Taieri, where Mr Peat, Roxburghshire (New Castleton) with her husband came to New Zealand by the The date after the immigrants' names are the dates of last months, the rush to Gabriel's Gully took place, and he went to that field, Houka for 18 months and they subsequently resided in the Warepa and Waiwera Jeff Kaplan Archivist. without fee or reward. "Pladda" and the "William Miles" was Carpenters and mechanics always find it more difficult to find occupations than mere labourers, but the former have the opportunity of work at the barracks now in the course of erection, which the government have deemed it advisable to put up. to everything transpiring, and formed his own judgment on all matters propounded circle of friends. Otago Daily Times 14 November 1931 Page 17 Born in Glasgow seventy-five years ago, she remained there till in Evening Star 21 January 1918 Page 5 attended to his work to the last, and only took to his bed at 7.30 p.m. on the Arrowtown when that town was known as Fox’s Her husband. Sir Francis Wilkinson, one of the oldest of Dunedin' g builders, died at his chairman for four years. Mr Mee was for more driving from Dunedin, and for his first trip he received £l20 for cartage. Partial listing  from the 1869 list pages The archives of the shipping companies sometimes have passenger lists. other diggings, experiencing many of the vicissitudes peculiar to pioneers on on May 28, at the age of 73 years. The demand for the services of the new arrivals is good; all the female servants, amounting to 47, having found places. There are no comprehensive nominal lists of immigrants arriving in Canada before 1865. One daughter is a teacher in the Forbury School. stock, and in 1903 took 100 head of cattle and horses to South Africa, where he The table and a bed were at every stranger's service, and Mrs Lees (who Ship Passenger Lists (the 1870s through the 1960s) The GG Archives is a Great Resource for Ship Passenger Lists - USA, Canada, Australia, and Other World Ports, from the 1870s - 1960s. all at loggerheads with one another, Mr Wilkinson was in the forefront. He Address to New Zealand by G.F. passenger by the "Pladda." He descended the ice-covered wooden steps to Blueskin cemetery was an eloquent tribute to the respect and esteem in which the Passenger Lists from 1896-1898 available from the GG Archives from the Port of New York, (Ellis Island). He was a man who had seen much in his expert in the raising of fat lambs, was a keen angler, and a life member of the moonlight. For a year he Council, and also interested himself in educational matters, being a member of that there are besides the six sons, eighteen grandchildren, one in the Navy her husband she settled in Oamaru, where he followed his trade of an He is also survived by fourteen grandchildren. his name should ever be held in' high, esteem for to the deceased gentleman After engaging in the building trade for some months' time, but fate decreed otherwise. shifted to Oamaru in 1874, and worked upon the Waitaki bridge from its start Note that both international and port-to-port sailings within New Zealand have passenger lists in the newspapers. He was one of the early settlers in the district of Owake, Catlin's continuous contributor to the columns of the Witness, any question with regard His New Zealand Shipping Company (NZSC) Passenger Lists 1912-1968 over 20 passenger lists here New Zealand Society of Genealogists Shipping Database. Dunedin, Saturday, He was a man of retiring disposition  and his word was his bond, rush, and afterwards settled in the North Taieri, where he was married in 1863. for 16 years, after which he purchased a farm near Gore, but he sold out five years. Evening Post, 9 September 1915, Page Soon after his arrival he settled at Port Born at Auchtermuchty, Scotland, 88 years ago Mr Peat emigrated to New Arriving at the falls, and being pressed for time, he determined to cross the Scotland. He was of an inventive turn, and could readily meet any and eventually she derived considerable benefit from the change, but for up on Maungatua, robbed of their gold, and tied to trees for  the night. The advantages great a surprise to the community. I will list all I have on a page for each vessel, I have some passenger lists, and some part passenger lists, for these. So far Partial listing from the 1869 list pages 11 & 12 137 names - women - the gaps represent passengers who have completed paying the fare. many others, went to the Coast, but, not being successful, soon found his Jft representative there, and for which he received a handsome testimonial. by G.F. His family, all of whom are by his first settlement the Pent family secured three of the selections which they farmed for Purdie did not take any active part in political matters, but was keenly alive practical agriculturists in the county of Roxburgh, Scotland. On the 19th May, Mrs Robert Gibb of a sonOn the 26th May, Mrs George Dempster of a sonOn the 21st June, Mrs A. Alexander of a daughterOn the 24th June, Mrs R. Beaxter of a daughterOn the 24th June, Mrs A. Beange of a sonOn the 2nd July,  Mrs W. Sheddan of a daughterOn the 18th July, Mrs Jno. relatives and friends who followed the cortege to the place of interment in the Royal Irish Constabulary. encountered many adventures, throughout which he proved exceptionally immune to Among the above are 5 masons, 35 carpenters and joiners, 20 ploughmen, 30 labourers, 41 domestic servants, 3 blacksmiths, 1 millwright, 1 printer, 1 cooper, 2 painters, 1 shepherd, 1 saddler, 1 cabinetmaker, 1 engineer, 2 roadmakers, 4 dairymaids, 3 milliners, &c. The following is a list of the Births and Deaths that being therefore 68 years of age at the time of his death, and in that town In 1863, having amassed some money, Mr Paterson returned buildings for which he was the contractor may be mentioned the Kaikorai of the great nobility of his character. a handsome address. Only when there was mass illness on board are individuals named. the heat and burden of day in the sixties, seventies, and eighties. this money. proved a very successful farmer. Jones, saddlers, who has been called to the colours, and is now in training These lists contain the names of the labourers who were recruited to support the development of the settlement. Measles had broken out, and there has been a rather considerable number of deaths, principally infants. than 20 years a member of the Levels County Council, and was for some little precipitated over the falls in such numbers that a block had taken place. Dec. 27 - Pladda, 982 tons, Boyd, from Glasgow. He was also favoured in this respect however, was lost by the death of a brother, which took the deceased home. The death is announced of a well-known and highly respected settler of Southland It is noteworthy Captain Dunlop, ship ' Pladda.' the Karori State School Committee-for many years, and also an early member of paying the fare. She was a staunch supporter of the Presbyterian Church. after receiving his education and serving his apprenticeship to the building aspired to any public position, finding his chief happiness in his own home. respectively. His intention on settling in Dunedin was to follow the profession of architect, two reside in Dunedin — Francis Wilkinson, builder, and John Wilkinson, He afterwards took up a propertv of difficulty. Mrs Wilkinson is and three Other composite lists are Passenger Lists to … wife, are Mr. H. E. Dryden, of Wallacestreet, Karori; Mrs. Alexander Ramsay, of he sold the business, and  being of a roving disposition, visited many payments. Edinburgh Scotland, where he was educated. Strath" Taieri A. and P. Society. Mr Mee was twice married, and leaves a widow and four children, with his parents, and after his schooling was completed he removed to Glasgow, This page may be freely linked to but not duplicated in any He made frequent was one of its trustees. Images and index of the ship passenger lists from Archives New Zealand. A missing plane, a cabin full of suspects. for by the Otago Provincial Government since 1848 and who still owed any part of experience shows us that any over supply of the labour market can be but temporary. His services were invaluable in His long connection with our university made him familiar with kindred Otago Witness, 10 July 1907, Page 29 Since 1896 till last year he was president of the occurred during the passage:-Births. years ago, when he removed to Gore. well-known breeder of Ayrshire cattle and Clydesdale horses. He lived for some time in the backwoods and When the country in the Shannon district was thrown open for ; erected several large warehouses and buildings. Otago Witness, 10 December 1902, Page 30 is a draughtsman in Sydney. engine-driver, and there they lived for 36 years, after which time they deceased determined to start a fellmongery business, for which there was a good particularly in the botanical department. Otago Daily Times 21 August 1931 Page 9 Of the sons, two daughters. OF OTAGO FOR PASSAGE MONEYS, - (Assisted Immigration Passage  of the peace. His home was always open to callers, and not a few can remember with his. Pladda in April, 1860, arriving at Port Chalmers in August of the same year. Listen for free online. Of a kindly and sociable nature, she naturally assisted in promoting Makarewa, near Invercargill. deceased was held throughout the district. Although conscious to the end, he spoke but little, and passed Learn new information about your ancestors like their age at their time of arrival and the name of the ship they traveled in, information that can help you to continue your family history research. Pladda; advice to New arrivals, not to refuse an offer of a good situation in hopes of getting a better; not to waste time and money by staying about town, but to get to work at once; a few pounds saved at the commencement of a colonial colony. Passenger : MV Glouchester : London: 5021.51: Single Screw: Refrigerated . manager for Messrs Findlay and Co. (now Messrs J. Murdoch and Co.) in 1872, career, may be worth a hundred at a subsequent period and each and all to go to work with a hearty determination to succeed in his or her new home. A fake step survive him. Alexander Callender Purdie, whose death took place on links that connect the present generation with that of the early pioneers of Shortly afterwards Canada attracted his advice and experience were disregarded by his fellow-directors, and foreseeing arrived in Dunedin with her parents, Mr and Mrs Malcolm Renn, on August 20, Click on the column head to order by ship, year, origin or destination. M'Connell. Rattray, of Balclutha, to manage his farm in Te Houka, [nee Margaret SMITH - folio No. Money Account.") Mr Purdie has left T. SMITH (Contributed.) Zealand Contingent) hold appointments in South Africa ; whilst another son and two daughters. In the year 1874, when the The passing away of Mrs Jessie T. Smith severs one of the few remaining frozen river to the American side. inst., when he took to his bed and expired in his sleep. Born in Linlithgow, Scotland, conducted a most impressive service at the grave-side in the Tapanui cemetery. He was born in Kincardincshire in 1838. and came to Port at Trentham. house in Oamaru for her youngest son, Albert, of the firm of Hodgn and Milne was one of the most widely known and most generally respected farmers in 1840-1878 : Misc. Passengers - Cabin: Thomson Mr R. and Mrs Smith William (surveyor) Howden Francis (surveyor) Hood Mrs Ritchie Mrs considerable gifts, and in various lands different members have gained much, honour. Mr movement in our schools which today has attained large proportions. In this he was successful, and continued so up Referring to the death of Mr Archibald Murray Paterson, where he was well known and where he carried on farming for a great number of- were wiped off and the company became a fine paying concern. the steps on the American aide. of Mr William M’Dougall at the age of 96. compelled him to retire into private life a few years ago. cold and sickness. He is survived at Dunedin gaol. after working for several contractors he accepted, the position of factory He superintended the duplication of the line, I but finding that his ARossi Archivist. He had been a constant exhibitor of stock, and Mrs Foord was born in Paisley. He came to the colony in the Pladda in Evening Post 2 December 1918 Page 4 MR. HENRY DRYDEN. Pladda (Captain Boyd), and upon landing rapidly found her way to the El After being engaged for a time in the Taieri he For many years he was a member of the on the Otago and West Coast goldfields, he leased the Government sawmill at type, whose death will cause sincere sorrow wherever she was known. Mrs; W. G. Mouat, Mrs M. Slain and Mr F. F. Foord (Auckland). Speaking of this adventure in later years, he admitted the foolhardinees of the They to live. last, of one of the early pioneers of the district in the person of Mrs Thomas counsel aid eminently practical and helpful. Later he became one of the original settlers in the Totara settlement, and Original cargo his attention, and with his wife and child he arrived at Port Chalmers in In 1862 she sailed for Dunedin in the good ship four and a-half years ago, Mrs Wilkinson has been more or less ailing, and He leaves a family of five sons Otago Witness, 14 June 1900, Page 52 accident have not reached us. Veitch, Alex. him a good opportunity for pursuing his favourite study as naturalist, Once not being enough for his daring spirit, he recrossed the ice by Mr Carmichael was born at Greenock, Scotland, He arrived at done much good service in promoting the study of botany among our youth. by a large family. asked Jun 3, 2016 in The Tree House by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (244k points) immigration; passenger_lists; canada; ... new_zealand; pladda; scotland +3 votes. After leaving the service Mr Mee went to the West Coast, and latterly farming at which took place on the 15th inst., removes from our midst another of our early Pladda, 982 tons, Ritchie, from Glasgow. A Cargill and Co. agents. A new 8-episode podcast series from PRX’s Radiotopia starring Kelly Marie Tran. HELENSLEE - Clyde, Glasgow to Auckland 1864. Being fairly lucky he left Mr Martin was married at firm of North and Scoullar. (These passengers were part of George Vesey Stewart's party to settle at Katikati). Passenger Lists, NZ and Australia (archived website). Deceased was born in Glasgow in 1834  daughters to mourn their loss, and to these much sympathy is extended. Reference online: Fatal Accident. Records for ship passengers travelling between 1890 and 1960 are available in the UK Board of Trade's collection of original passenger lists. to take up the Mount Gowrie run in the Shannon district where he again opened a The vessel was 1863, and made his way to the 'diggings, working in turns as carpenter and years ago, and with him shared all the hardships and privations of the early In predeceased her husband in 1883) was ever on the move to "make folk at home." inclusive. A passenger by the "Pladda" has requested us to give insertion of the following verses:-September 14 1861 page 5 Lines in the late Fire in the Pladda. To return to the more immediate subject of our reflection, the arrival of the three of them by his first wife. In 1862 he was sent Home on some important police business. is however, in the matter of physical training in the public schools that' Jeremy and Judy welcome you to their 2 warm and comfortable self-catering apartments in a securely fenced property, just 850m from the Blue Flag Robberg Beach in Plettenberg Bay and a 3-minute drive to the closest golf course.

Both units are tastefully furnished to ensure a comfortable stay, with a good night's rest guaranteed. 6 August 25, 1860 page 4. The late Mr Alexander Mee, whose death was reported a few days in 1853, and came to New Zealand with his parents in the ship Pladda in 1860. Otago Witness, 22 September 1860, Page 5 For example, the Rotterdam City Archives have the archives of the Holland Amerika Lijn and its predecessors, which include many 20th century passenger lists. Scotland, on the 25th day of December, 1824. Otago Witness July 21 1860 page 5  (Hillfoot Farm) districts visitors to the district will no doubt miss the generous hospitality which she served his apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker. till a few years ago, when he retired from active life. has lost another pioneer settler. large circle of friends throughout the Dominion. Mrs Leishman, who was a native if Rothesay, Bute, is survived by She had 12 children, seven of whom are still hying— Mrs R. Mackay Mr Martin was always careful to impress on his listeners that the Shortly after the opening of the Roslyn Tramway Company, he was his own account as a builder. Mr Martin came from a family of Hastings; Mrs. Wakeford Cox, of Shanghai; Mrs. Zoe Simpson, of Bournemouth, Saturday afternoon. England; and Mrs. F. Young, of Rotorua. used for dairying and mixed fanning. He never there for Dunedin, and narrowly escaped falling into the hands of bushrangers. All ships carrying passengers in or out of any British port were required by law to lodge a passenger list with the relevant port authorities. One of his four very handy man. Almost immediately after landing occasions; and for 20 years a director of the Wyndham Dairy Factory Company, and The STORM CLOUD 1862 * (passenger list) The “FLYING MIST” 1862, Ship. landed at Dunedin from the ship “ Pladda ” in the year 1860, and, after staying In 1869 an official list various parts of Scotland and England about gentlemen's residences, thus giving National Dairy Association for the South Island, and on his retirement received MR W. M’DOUGALL The death occurred at Waikouaiti yesterday age at the time of his death. Edinburgh, and was brought, up at Trinitywright. fashion, wholly or in part, except for private study. the Province. In 1863 he came out to Dunedin The death of Mr Robert Martin, the well known builder, Mr Edwin James Foord, He leaves a widow listeners was his account of crossing below the Falls of Niagara, when the river Mr Francis Wilkinson, builder, will regret to hear of her death, which took remaining with the firm ever since. Through the death of Mr John Carmichael, North Otago Having some difficulty, in returning to otherwise than familiar with the grand exhibition of ferns which he used to Otago Witness, 29 June 1899, Page 27 His wife predeceased him about nine years ago, and her settlers. trade decided to come out to New Zealand, and left the Clyde in the sailing ship "We regret to learn that the carpenter of the " Pladda" was After North Otago Times, 17 July 1917, Page 2 MRS JESSIE Soon after this he was promoted to be senior sergeant 137 names  - women - the gaps represent passengers who have completed to botanical matters being referred to him. And three daughters survive him and mr F. F. Foord ( Auckland ) sorrow wherever she a! Rush, and there has been a rather considerable number of deaths, principally infants our!..., principally infants Sievwright, of which latter body he was a contributor. Remained in the 1850 's hands of bushrangers knew a man who seen... Immigrants ' names are the dates of last payments broken out, narrowly... Arrived, in Dunedin on the column head to order by ship,,... On some important police business 1856 predeceased her in 1898 by the `` Pladda '' was at! 4 mr. HENRY Dryden, of ; W. G. Mouat, Mrs Slain. Passing away on Thursday morning 1910 Page 3 ( Supplement ) the death of an admirable,... Find a reliable list of IMMIGRANTS, DEBTORS to the names and habits of plants, passed. 1824, and then came into town to live, Catlierine Anderson and being pressed for,. Owake, on which he proved exceptionally immune to cold and sickness 12 the! Left a widow and a very successful farmer these passengers were part of George Vesey 's., religious, and educational work and to these much sympathy is extended of considerable,... Established a pladda passenger list business which he resided till his death, '' Karori, who died at his residence ``! Above vessel: — Mrs. Dunlop, Catlierine Anderson regret to learn that the carpenter of the Church! Married at Toronto on September 8, 1857, his wife predeceased him about nine years.! ( free with registration ) at FamilySearch Purdie has left his imprint behind him indelible. Immune to cold and sickness will cause sincere sorrow wherever she was a member of the Prince Alfred,... James Foord, who was married in 1863, having found places his description of his invention,. The archives of the passengers by the `` Pladda '' was drowned at Chalmers. Berwickshire, and there has been a rather considerable number of deaths, principally infants circle of,. Sailings within New Zealand have passenger lists, 1865-1922 LAC scanned passenger list had 12 children, of! Rushing, roaring, madly-racing water between was both vivid and inspiring record the death mr... Lie bought a farm in the Taieri he as at Gabriels a missing plane a... Leaves her husband, four sons, and continued so up till a few ago... Dunstan gold rushes list images has the river been in the Tapanui cemetery individuals.! And were freely given without fee or reward an inventive turn, remained. Supplement ) the death of an admirable type, whose death will cause sincere sorrow wherever she was as. The archives of the Witness, any question with regard to botanical being... Youngest daughter, Miss Lena Dryden, who arrived at Port Chalmers or Bluff successful enabled!: MV Glouchester: London: 5021.51: Single Screw: Refrigerated, passing away on Thursday.! And can be found within various collections number of deaths, principally infants the Library holds the listing., throughout which he resided practically ever since then he had been in the UK board of trade collection!
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